Shalwar kameez-an ode to the revival of tradition 

When Western Takes Over The Ethnic Wear-Journey From A Simple Shalwar Kameez To Designer Shalwar Kameez For Men 

Over the years why have the shalwar kameez for men become less popular in Pakistan? 

Is it its lack of grandeur or elegance that the younger generation these days is so uninspired? In most households, it is normally tucked away in the furthest corner of our wardrobes and is just taken out for Jumah prayers or festivals such as Eid. But on the other hand, foreigners visiting Pakistan such as Jeremy Mclellan popularly known as the Pindi boy of Pakistan, or Diplo the music genius are seen adorning shalwar kameez. They are huge fans of the kameez salwar for its comfort and simplicity. Tom Moores and Chris  Gale carrying off kurta shalwar flashes through our minds on their visit to Pakistan for cricket.

Bearing this in mind, Colors has designed a wide array of designer shalwar kameez to inspire the youth to bring it back into fashion. Colors have designed a wide array of designer shalwar kameez collections for you to effortlessly pull off on any day of the year. 

Our latest shalwar kameez variety is subdivided into three categories. It includes a daily wear line, Pret wear, and wedding wear. Types of traditional  kurta shalwar fabrics available in the store are as follows: 


A linen outfit dates back some 36000 years hence it’s one of the longest-produced textiles. A linen shalwar kameez design and look is similar to cotton ones but is more popular in summer as it has less water retention and dries easily compared to cotton. It is also far more breathable which makes it in high demand. Below are some of the classic linen kurta shalwar designs that you can browse for your next shopping. 


Khadi, which is commonly referred to as Khaddar in the market, is a hand-woven fabric made from natural fibers. It was invented by Mahatma Gandhi during the Indian Independence movement. It is a resourceful textile and is a luxurious fabric that is both lightweight and comfortable. It is a highly breathable textile and is refreshingly cool in summer and warm in winter. In new designs of the salwar kameez category, the black khaddar shalwar kameez design is very popular among men. 


We have a wide variety of embroidered kurtas with embellished collar designs that are suitable for Eid, dinners and Nikah dawats. 


Cotton material is also a popular fabric as it’s an easy-to-care material and is a versatile material that gives good silhouettes and can be easily tailored to your liking. Light cotton is used for kurtas and shalwar. On the other hand,  heavier cotton is used for pants. 


Did you know that Boski fabric is a pure silk material? It is also considered one of the royal fabrics and hence considered the best shalwar kameez fabric. For weddings and Eid, you can pair your Boski shalwar kameez with a stylish waistcoat or prince coat for an elegant look. Here are a few looks that we can’t stop drooling over. 


It is one of the stronger fabrics that holds its shape well and is also wrinkle-resistant hence a popular choice for weddings and suits. 

Final Verdict: Which Shalwar Kameez Is The One For You? 

It’s time to spill some style Pro tips to our readers. The fashion industry is evolving, every year Colors beats last year’s designs with an innovative accessory or kurta cut that looks way better than the last one. For a modern look, you can elevate your kurta shalwar game by accessorizing it with a  solid-colored waistcoat. Our store has multiple color options ranging from blues, greens, cream, and camouflage prints. 

A trouser no longer is restricted to XXL sizes that make you wonder how many can fit inside. Our shalwar designs now include kurta suit pants that taper well to your body and give an elegant look when paired with a  straight-cut or embroidered kurta.  

In order to stand out, our latest shalwar kameez fabrics include chicken  Kari kurtas from our store. Yes, chicken Kari is no longer labeled as a  women’s fabric but new men’s wear has adapted it as well. It is best suited as a mehndi shalwar kameez option. 

Now it’s time for our pick of shoes that goes well with all types of shalwar kameez. We have shoes ranging from traditional khussa made from khaddar and denim that goes best with white shalwar kameez, black shalwar kameez and navy blue shalwar kameez. A Kola Puri compliments the shalwar kameez when it is worn with a prince coat or waistcoat. 

Conclusively let’s end the blog with a well-said quote by Cary Grant, “All it takes are a few simple outfits. And there’s one secret — the simpler the better.” — Cary Grant. Let’s not forget our traditional shalwar kameez worn by our ancestors and become clones of the west.

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