Top trending Suits for Men for Spring Season

Binge on the savvy Suits to upgrade your Spring Wardrobe for the season

Have you noticed the latest trend of celebrities adorning suits with sweaters? It may seem like an odd

combination, but it is in vogue now. Wearing designer coat pants with a sweater is a sure way to get

noticed anywhere whether it be casual boys’ outings, executive office meetings, or weddings.

It softens your appearance and still looks executive if styled properly.

To carry your pant coat style elegantly it is imperative to follow certain guidelines. The style of the

sweater, color, and weight all matter substantially.

Creating Contrast of your Sweater with the color of your Suit

The neutrals are commonly a winner in most cases, and it is wise to avoid bold shades when choosing

the color of your sweater. Whites, browns, and greys go well with navy, black coat pants, and charcoal

suit jacket. Avoid looking bulky! Choose lightweight sweaters over chunky ones no matter how well it complements the suit jacket. There are numerous sweater styles to pick from and it is understandable if you get overwhelmed by the combination. So let us lay it out for you the top sweater styles out there:

  • V-neck sweater Cardigans
  • Crew neck sweaters
  • Turtleneck sweaters
  • Shawl collar sweater
  • Half-zip
  • Cotton Sweatshirt

Crew neck sweaters are the easiest to style with all types of suit jackets. Cardigans and V-neck sweaters go well with ties although cardigans look more formal than V-neck sweaters. For sheer elegance, our favourite style is turtleneck sweaters as they appear sleek and sophisticated.

Casual Suiting

For casual suiting, it is easy to create numerous looks from a few pieces in the wardrobe. The strategy is to separate the pant color or print from the rest of the suit. Crew neck sweaters are the convertible type of sweaters that are appropriate for any type of casual dressing. A navy crew neck sweater goes well with grey coat pants giving a polished, professional look when paired with elegant derby shoes.

A royal blue coat pants go well with a crew neck sweater of colors burgundy, gold, and lavender. For a bolder look, you can choose a patterned sweater with separate-colored suit pieces. A boldly patterned sweater paired with neutral color suit jacket and pants will make you look dashing. White coat pants can be worn with a Burgandy or navy patterned sweater underneath for a polished appearance.

V-neck Sweaters and a Power Suit Jacket

V-neck sweaters are an innovative combination and are far from sober in comparison with crew neck sweaters. Unlike crew necks sweater, you should wear a shirt underneath a V-neck sweater. A tweed suit jacket goes really well with these types of sweater designs. You can pair it with soft colored chinos for a perfect easy-going look. Only a pair of buskins or Chelsea boots is required to complete the urban-chic look.

Look 2:

Choose a grey V-neck sweater with either a white T-shirt underneath it or a sky blue, white dress shirt paired with oxfords or loafers.

Look 3:

A black V-neck sweater with a white T-shirt underneath compliments the navy-blue coat pants really
well. Finish the look with white sneakers.

Look 4:

A charcoal 3-piece coat pants paired with a grey V-neck sweater. It can either be worn with a white

dress shirt or a baby pink dress shirt. Finish the look with black color brogues.

Turtleneck Sweater with a Blazer

Despite so many variations available, our favorite sweater suit combination is that of a turtleneck sweater with a suit. It is widely seen on screens and red carpets, and it is hands-down the most sophisticated attire for men. For a contemporary outfit, choose a dark-colored, ribbed turtleneck. For a formal outfit, a charcoal suit

goes really well with a black colored turtleneck sweater or vice-versa. For an old-fashioned look, opt for brown coat pants with a beige colored sweater. For an utterly relaxed look, you can pick a patterned turtleneck sweater to wear for your informal and casual outings. Achieve the final look by pairing it with Derby or Chelsea boots.

Cardigan Sweater with a Suit Jacket

A suit with a cardigan looks stunning and glamorous as it shows off all the layers.

Look 1:

For prominent layering choose a cardigan sweater with a dress shirt and suit jacket. As the cardigan is quite similar to a waistcoat as it has a deep V, choose the colors of your dress shirt smartly so it complements the overall appearance of the suit. In order to spice up a sober look, go for a patterned dress shirt underneath the cardigan. You can even play with various patterned ties with it. A charcoal or navy-blue coat pants can be paired with a pencil-striped dress shirt and a navy or black cardigan over it.

Look 2:

A Burgandy or olive cardigan goes well with grey coat pants.

Look 3:

A light brown colored cardigan complements the navy-colored suit for a chic look. To complete the look,

go for a white dress shirt so it doesn’t cancel out the effect of the bold cardigan color or pattern.

You can keep the suit jacket buttoned up or open for a casual look. To accessorize the suit, you can

handpick a tie or a pocket square for a formal appearance and occasion.

To summarize, although it is a great idea to experiment with the colors and patterns of sweaters and

suits, always try out the outfit pieces beforehand to avoid a disheveled look on your occasion. To play

safe, we have shown our top choice of classic suit combinations that will for sure get many compliments

your way on your big day.

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