What is New in our Fashion Industry for Men this year?

Sherwani’s popularity dates to the Mughal Empire when it was worn by royals and now it has become
an essential attire for every groom. It is a long coat that is worn over kurta and trousers. It is an essential
outfit for Barat. On the other hand, a waistcoat for men is widely worn on Valima. A waistcoat for men
is a sleeveless front open shorter version of a coat worn over a dress shirt underneath a suit. A diner’s
waistcoat is available in many colors and designs such as a black waistcoat, different hues of white and
off-white, gold, and brown. It is a classic and versatile piece of clothing for men that is popular in both
east and west.
In this blog, we will review how to make sherwanis and waistcoats, and miscellaneous men’s clothing
from sustainable and economic materials that will help grow our textile industry both locally and
internationally and is also Eco-friendly. You will also get inspiration from our list of celebrities’ iconic
looks in Sherwani and waistcoat on the ramp and at different wedding events this year that you can
take inspiration from.

How to shop smartly after worldwide economic crises

Post covid, there is a worldwide economic crisis and climate changes that are shaping the buyer’s
shopping experiences. Now there is more awareness of buying sustainable clothes that are both
economical and exemplary for our planet. We will walk you through some of the timeless pieces and
styles from our store that are classic, and now is a good time to purchase them at good prices before the
prices become steep.

Sustainability and our fashion Industry

Pakistan’s textile sector gained popularity and appreciation at one of the largest global exhibitions,
Heimtextil 2020 for its eco-friendly textile products. Let’s learn about sustainable fabrics and materials
available in Pakistan.

Organic Cotton

Cotton, a natural fiber source, is grown using chemicals such as pesticides and is a water-intensive crop
that impacts our environment negatively.
But cotton can be grown organically without the use of chemicals. You can check GOTS certification to
see if the cotton is grown organically. Recycled cotton is also another good alternative material to
produce fabric organically.

Organic Hemp

Hemp is resourceful and one of the oldest materials that are used to make fabrics, cosmetics, food, and
building materials. It is a popular material used for clothing due to its qualities such as easy
maintenance, sustainability and its ability to soften after each wash. It can be grown organically without
the use of chemicals.


Did you know that Pinatex is made from a pineapple leaf and is used as vegan leather for various fashion
items and clothes?
It is highly popular now as it’s sustainable and no animals are harmed in its production.


This is a recycled fiber that is made from waste from industrial plastic and fishing nets. It is a type of
recycled Nylon that uses lesser resources in its production.


Lyocell is produced from a wood pulp and is biodegradable helping to make a sustainable fabric from it.
It has great qualities such as moisture-resistant, highly absorbent and odor-free. The best thing about its
production is the water and chemicals that are used in its production can be recycled.

Organic Linen

It is one of the most renewable materials since it is produced from every part of a plant which means
zero wastage. It has added benefits such as softness, strength and light maintenance.

Recycled fabrics

Recycled fabrics like recycled cotton are made from fabrics that are discarded. The benefit of recycling
the fabrics is no additional resources or materials are used.
Do you know that conventional polyester is extremely harmful, but its counter product recycled
polyester is a good alternative sustainable fabric? Since it is made from recycled plastic bottles, which
means fewer landfills.


This is the most fascinating fabric of all as it’s produced using spider genes and microbes. It is a type of
silk that has five times the strength of steel. It is a biodegradable, lightweight, and flexible fabric. No
spiders are harmed in the production of Qmonos. In spite of many benefits, this is a very expensive

Deadstock fabric

Deadstock fabric is a type of fabric. that is overproduced by factories to minimize its cost. It is a type of
scrap material that is low quality but sustainable as no more resources or materials are used for its
production as it already exists.


Bamboo is a plant that undergoes intensive chemical treatment to make fabric. The chemical treatment
is so intense that it becomes less sustainable but compared to regular cotton and polyester it is still a
good alternative. You will find many labels stating their fabric is made from the bamboo plant.
To become fierce competitors in the international market, it is vital for the government and the textile
industry to work together for synergy as the demand for “Made in Green” products is on a rise and it is
important for both producers and consumers to switch to sustainable products for better lives in the

Top Celebrity Iconic styles in Sherwani and Waistcoat that you don’t
want to miss!

It is as important for a groom to look and feel confident and comfortable as it is for a bride. The grooms
are more selective and aware of their fashion styles now and in our store, you will surely find styles and
designs that match your personality and taste. Keeping the theme of the event in mind, the color theme
of the bride, the time of the event, and accessorizing your outfit perfectly will surely make your day
memorable in every way. Lastly, ensure that your selection of outfits is also sustainably produced.

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