Guide to Contemporary Men’s Designer Suiting 2023

A designer suit as a general rule is worn on special occasions such as graduation, christening,
weddings, or job interview. Each event calls for a suit color suitable according to the event. The
ideal choice of colors for the pant coat is commonly classic and practical charcoal grey or
black. Blue is also highly popular for traditionalists, but for someone more fashionable and
bolder, cornflowers, midnight blue, jades, and white coat pants for men are good choices.

Let’s narrow down the choice of material to two categories:

Summer weddings- Materials selection is one of the foremost importance and it should be
chosen according to the weather. Light material such as linen, Cotton blend, or cotton is ideal
for summer. For a bright summer day, it means you can get away with a sunny color palette
such as light yellow, tan, grass green, blue coat pants, or white stripes.

Winter weddings-Winters days and nights are usually dreary and dull and most people opt for a dark
suit to blend in such as black coat pants or dark Greys. In order to stand out amongst the
crowd and one wish to show personality, it is a good choice to go for pinstripe or dogtooth
checks or a bright color palette.

The material should be heavy -such as wool or wool blend for comfort and warmth. Whatever the choice of suit, a crisp, white, tailored shirt is a classic choice to wear underneath and a pop of color can be added with eye catching ties and neck bows, fancy cufflinks, and pocket squares.

How to mix and match different patterns of your Suit

It is the art to mix and match colors and patterns and may seem intimidating at first but by following designer tips and tricks you can also get good at it. Firstly, never wear stripes from head to toe. You can find a variety of stripes in trend these days varying in sizes, horizontal and vertical stripes. Don’t mix and match contrasting patterns such as polkas and stripes as they clash with one another and you may end up looking clownish.

Pay attention to the scale of stripes and checks as they should be balanced when worn together. Don’t mix and match different colors at the same time as well or wear multi patterns at the same while. Stick to one to two patterns initially to make the patterns work with one another. Varying the tones of the same color shades and layering different pieces such as dress shirts, ties, and pocket squares compliment the overall put-together look. Lastly, dress up according to the occasion as some sober occasions call for a minimalistic suit outfit so avoiding patterns is a good idea.

Three essential suits to own in your wardrobe

Black suit

This is a fundamental suit to own in your wardrobe. The perk of a black coat pant versus a
tuxedo is that it cannot only be worn to weddings and black-tie events but can also be worn for
dignified events such as a funeral. It can be accessories according to the occasion with a choice
of colors, patterns, and flashy ties.

Navy wool suit

If you are a corporate person, a navy-blue coat pant is the only suit that you need to own if it
comes to a choice. It symbolizes true professionalism and elegance. A navy three-piece coat
pant complements every complexion. For a desired professional designer suit, we recommend
peak lapels and a contemporary slim tailored fit for a masculine and graceful look.

Charcoal suit

Unlike other colors, charcoal suits are extremely versatile as they can be turned up and down
according to the event. Grey coat pants can pair with a variety of colored shirts and patterned
waistcoats. You can complete the look with shoes such as brown, black and tan shoes.

Top Maintenance tips for your suit


It is a wide misconception that a suit needs to be dry-cleaned every week or so for a fresh look.
A suit requires to be dry-cleaned only once a month. It can be cleaned at home with a lint roller
or it can spot cleaned with water and a soft towel if required.


Take your suit to a professional cleaner for ironing or purchase a steamer to iron your suits for a
longer life. Avoid using a normal dry iron as it can ruin the fabric.


A suit should always be hanging in your wardrobe to maintain its original shape. A wooden or a
plastic hanger with rounder edges should be used to hang them.

Packing for traveling

To fit a suit in a suitcase or a carry-on, the suit should be rolled up from the inside out. The
Shoulders of the suit should be brought together and rolled up taking care of the lapels as they
should be aligned on top of each other to maintain its shape and press.


For the longer life of suits, always store them in a suit bag so it doesn’t accumulate dust on
them. With the proper care and selection of fabric, fitting, and style, you can go crazy with styling your
designer coat pant with endless possibilities with the useful trade secrets and tips mentioned
in the blog above. You cannot go wrong if you follow the tips of our designer and fill up your
wardrobe with our versatile pieces from E-store of Colors that design each piece for all
personalities, body types, and occasions.

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