Suits Back in 90’s

Walking down memory lane to the early 90s we saw how suits were revolutionized. Suits that were considered formal attire reserved for special occasions were brought down to more casual wear.

Designers became more experimental then, and many celebrities were seen wearing suits over jeans or casual blazers for instance. Calvin Klein was a popular choice for designer suiting. Men’s coat pants color palettes were notoriously blue coat pants, black and navy blue coat pants. Since then, with the advent of fashion sense, people along with designers became more confident with their choice of color palettes. The color spectrum was expanded and different hues of white coat pants, reds, royal blue coat pant, Grey coat pants and brown suits were introduced that received good responses from the people.


Single-breasted suits– Single-breasted suits consist of jackets with slimmer silhouettes and single- buttoned jackets. They are more versatile pieces to own as they can be worn for casual outings such as polo games and they can also be worn to weddings.

Double-breasted suits– This type of suit consists of jackets featuring two rows of buttons and is worn for official events only. Popular choices of fabrics are wool, velvet and corduroy.

The blue double-breasted suits are a favorable choice for night outs on dates and corporate parties. Grey-colored suits are best suited for work-related gatherings and meetings.

Fashion houses today show us innovative mixes and an abundance of options allowing us to choose an individual cut and style according to our taste. The main focus of designers at Colors has shifted to custom fabrics and bold combinations of coat pants for men. For example, in our store, a combination of different colors of trousers and a jacket is highly popular. Colors such as playful lemons, coral, pale blue, mustard, and light mint are relevant in the color spectrum.

Five Staple Three-piece suits to own in 2022

We have narrowed down five staple 3 piece coat pants designs to own for all occasion:

Stripes– Pin-striped suits are the best business partners for your business needs. They give off an aura of refreshing contemporary class and are a popular choice for all business meetings and events.

Plaid-Plaid design is a combination of two colors in a plaid pattern. This is a versatile piece to own in a wardrobe. It can be worn as a suit or as a sports jacket. For casual evenings it can be worn over a pair of jeans too. It can be worn with blue socks, a white shirt, a grey tie and a briefcase for a formal look.

The heritage of plaid suits is quite legendary as Duke of Windsor wore it. In order to make the color in the plaid to pop out, it can be worn with a contrasting shirt. It is definitely not a suit for faint heart as it is quite bold and definitely make a statement. It is a popular choice for fall season.

Warm knitwear-In store you can find a wide variety of warm, knitted blazers and jackets that look pretty good. The fitting is advisable to be loose-fitted in knit-wear blazers as they are more relevant these days.

Denim-A denim jacket is a very versatile piece to own in one’s wardrobe as it can be styled in so many

ways. It comes in a wide range of light and dark shades.

Combination of Patterns-In order to bring innovation to one’s choice of patterns one can mix and match the patterns of jackets and pants as long as they complement each other. Trending combinations of 2022 are:

-Strip floral patterns

-Animal prints

-Watercolor washes with a text or logo on top.

Three basic fittings for all body types

After the selection of suits whether one is purchasing off the rack or getting it custom-made from scratch, fittings are crucial as they can affect the entire look. There are three basic types of fits for every occasion:

The slim fit suits: A slim fit suit is narrower at the chest, and the waist, it is also shorted in length compared to a classic fit.

Modern fit suits: A modern fit is not as close fitting as a slim fit; the modern fit falls between a classic and a slim fit. The trousers are more tapered but not as skinny. It is best suited for a professional

environment as it is meant to provide absolute comfort in its fitting. The jacket’s shoulder line is higher than a classic fit jacket giving an appearance of tallness hence it is preferred by men.

The classic fit suits-A classic fit has a broader cut at shoulders and sides giving an appearance of a broader body. It also has less fabric hence it is easier to tuck in giving a very neat and clean appearance.

This is the only guide to designer coat pants that you need for all your auspicious occasions and formal events for a confident and breezy semblance.

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