Whether it is walking down the aisle or any social event, feeling jittery is normal. The spotlight is on you and you do not want to be the most talked about groom for all the wrong reasons. The wedding season is around the corner and it’s the most celebrated event of our lives whether it comes to food, venue, clothes, or the never-ending guest lists, the family leaves no stone unturned in spending fortunes on this big day. A groom’s attire is given as much attention now as the bride’s lehenga whether it’s a sherwani for the groom or a sherwani suit.

Traditional sherwanis have been improvised by various designers now. Previously it was totally normal to be frustrated at the lack of sherwani options as you stroll among endless stores, the futile search for just the right one that suits your taste and personality but Colors brings you five essential reasons why it’s worth spending on a designer sherwani from us. Among some of the other designer sherwani picks, the full range of sherwanis at Colors is stunning and timeless. In this blog, you will learn what are the top five things to consider when choosing the perfect sherwani style.

  • Material 
  • Colour 
  • Style 
  • Fit 
  • Accessories 
  • Budget 


Choosing the correct material for your sherwani for your wedding day is essential. For summer and daytime events, Cotton and cotton silk are the finest materials as it provides both comfort and is eye-pleasing. Jamawar and velvets are best suited for cooler days and nights. Among numerous dulha ki sherwani in the market, Colors has the finest material range to pick from.  

Here is a complete list of popular materials that you can choose from for both sherwanis and trousers. 

  • viscose 
  • Embroidered cotton 
  • Jacquard 
  • Banarasi 
  • Georgette 
  • Cotton silk. 


One of the foremost things in choosing the right sherwani is selecting the colour and style. Firstly, you need to choose the right colour based on your skin tone, what function it is, what is the theme of the event that includes 

the colour theme of the venue decoration along with colour coordination with your bride’s dress, and lastly of course your colour preference. Black colour sherwani is a classic that no matter what skin tone a groom has, he looks dapper. 

designer sherwani

Colours brand brings you a whole range of colour options to choose from. Soft pastels go well for daytime functions and you can choose various options from pistachio green, silvers, off-whites, and white sherwani for a softer look. For nighttime functions, royal colours are well suited such as royal blues, tans, Maroons, Black, Golds, and Browns. 


What upscale a mediocre sherwani to a designer one is styling it with the right pair of trousers that adds an instant oomph to an outfit. Numerous styles available in stores can throw you off in selecting the Sherwani style that will suit your personality. The selection of styles can be very confusing at first but here is a list of the most common and popular styles for you. 

  • Dhoti Pant 
  • Straight cut Pajama 
  • Patiala trouser 
  • Churidar trouser 
  • Printed modern sherwani 
  • Jacket style sherwani 

Dhoti pants are commonly worn in daytime weddings while Churidar pants are best suited for nighttime. Here are popular ramp looks that you can get customized by browsing through Colors’ website.

sherwani for groom


Nothing brings an outfit down like an ill-fitted one. It is imperative to choose the ideal sherwani size according to your body type. For short-height grooms, first and foremost avoid heavy sherwani and buy a sherwani’s length up to the knee or above the knees that will make you look taller.

sherwani for men

You can also wear light colour attire at nighttime weddings and dark colors at daytime events. We provide custom-made wedding outfits that fit to a T. For last-minute shopping, you can purchase from the ready-to-wear collection and go through the size chart provided on our website. 


Now that you have chosen the groom’s sherwani, one of the last things to do for a modern and stylish look is to choose the right accessory to accentuate the whole look. In stores, we have the perfect range of accessories for the big day ranging from embroidered shawls to Jamawar shoes. Our Sherwanis are adorned with textured metal buttons and you can  pair a good, solid, monochrome sherwani with a simple brooch or a pocket square for an elegant look. Pocket squares are not just for suits, nowadays many grooms pull off a sherwani with a shawl with a colorful pocket square to add color to the outfit.

sherwani for dulha


Undoubtedly, a sherwani is incomplete without a turban. A turban ads not only bling but also exudes a majestic aura to a groom’s traditional look.  According to the trend, you can match it with the bride’s outfit or choose a  heavily embellished turban from our collection to add funk to your otherwise traditional look. 


Budget is the last but most crucial factor when it comes to choosing the right sherwani. A designer sherwani doesn’t have to make holes in your pocket so we have various sherwanis of different price ranges that would allow you to look your best within your budget. Material selection also plays a part in  the overall cost of a sherwani. Cotton and cotton silk materials for sherwanis are best suited if you are looking for a lower price range. 

sherwani style

Our starting range of sherwani price is just Rs 80,000 which goes up to Rs  260,000.  

Here are the top picks for light shoppers for their weddings.

In conclusion, a wedding is a journey that marks the start of a beautiful and fulfilling life for both bride and groom and photographs are delightfully devoured by relatives and generations for years hence it’s important to look your best on this big day. 

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